"You drop someone in hell and give him a gun and tell him to kill for some amorphous reason he can’t even articulate. Then suddenly he feels an emotion that makes utter sense, utterly logical, because the emotion was right…It isn’t even atrocious. It’s just a sad fact of life." - Anon
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Dogs of War – We Served, is a Bush War motorcycle riders association for the SADF Veterans of The Bush War. Our emblem consists of a map of Africa featuring Skull inside. Africa was the place where the former soldiers made a stand during 1966 – 1990. On the front they display the insignia of the former units they served in as well as the medal ribbons awarded to them. The half rocker with GBNF (Gone But Never Forgotten) is warn of the left-hand front, as an reminder of the brothers that paid the ultimate price as well as those that still carry the scars of war.
The aim of the associated riders is to promote awareness amongst the general public and to raise funds to assist veterans that suffer from Post Dramatic Stress Disorder and in need of medical assistance.

Dogs Of War Veterans Motorcycle Association


The riders of “Dogs of War” are members that ride for the cause, bikers that choose to use their time and finance to reach out to their former buddies and who are prepared to walk the extra mile for veterans in need.

The association is not a Motorcycle Club and do not display a MC in the patch. The volunteers of the Dog of War are all ex battle-hardened soldiers and associates that respond to the needs of their former brothers in arms.

The military or police force is often said to give you a family for the length of time you’re in the service. When you leave the service, however, sometimes those ties are harder to maintain than expected.

It’s a brotherhood from start to finish. It requires time, commitment and a want to belong to a community. Our focus is to provide assistance and help to individual veterans, veteran care facilities, other veteran organizations and registered charities. We sponsor and participate in many veteran-related motorcycle (and other) charity events each year, and donate to various veteran causes.

Our Mission Statement is Veterans Helping Veterans.

Things you never do to a Bush-War Veteran.

1: Never question the look in his eyes. You really do not want to know what he is thinking. 2: Never shake him to wake him. It may be a while before you regain consciousness. 3: Never sneak up on him from behind. See no 2. 4: Never ask him if he has killed anyone. He will probably reply that you are next. 5: Never provoke him. PTSD means he has a short fuse and a long memory. 6: Never disrespect his flag or his country. He has lost friends defending both. 7: Never run down his brothers in arms. They are closer than family. 8: Never call his war a simple conflict. Conflicts are not war. Men take part in war. 9: Never expect him to fit into your social agenda. There are never enough chairs and never enough walls. 10: Never forget, to him, three is a crowd. Large crowds coming at him, are just incoming rounds. 11: Never bring up his past, it's his personal nightmare. He already knows he is messed up. Let it be....

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