How to join the Dogs of War VMA
The Dogs of War Veterans’ Motorcyclist Association respects the protocols of the South African National Biker Council Alliance (SANBCA).  In accordance with this and as a so called “fraternal motorcycle club & interest group” as defined in the protocols, the minimum hang around period of 1 month with the closest grouping of Dogs of War VMA will be required from a biker wanting to join the Dogs of War VMA. 

After this period the biker can then apply for membership and will then be required to ride as a Dogs of War VMA prospect for another 2 months, after which time he can then be considered to be patched as a full member.
Any biker who has left another motorcycle grouping of whatever type, will be required to serve a compulsory “cooling off period” of a minimum of 6 months in accordance with SANBCA protocol 4.4 before he can join the Dogs of War VMA.

What to do if you’re interested in joining us:

If you are interested in joining us, please send us an email using the “contact us” function of the “contacts/intel” drop down menu and we will get back to you.  Alternatively you can print out the application form, complete and sign it and email a scanned copy of it to (please do not pay anything at this stage) and we will get back to you.



Hang-around and Prospect

“Hang-around”is the official name for a person who is trying to get to know a motorcycle group (herein after referred to simply as MC) for the purposes of becoming a prospect. You can spend time with a MC and hang out at the clubhouse every night and not be considered a hang-around.

When you become a hang-around, the MC has formally acknowledged that you are at a stage where you want to learn more about the MC for the purposes of prospecting for that MC. Some MCs will vote you in as a hang-around. Some MCs will have a set of requirements that you will have to complete before you can transition from being a hang-around to being voted in as Prospect. For instance, you might have to complete two official runs with the MC and attend two club meetings before you can ask for a vote to become a prospect. These requirements may take months to complete.

As a hang-around you can expect to be treated like a prospect during that time because the MC will be assigning you tasks and treating you like a prospect in many cases. Act like a Prospect and conduct yourself with honour and soon you will be a prospect. What is a prospectship? “Prospectship” is the period of time a prospect serves the MC after which he will be required to receive a 100% up vote to become a member. In a traditional MC if even one member objects to a prospect’s crossing over to become a member, the prospect cannot become a member.

This may not be the end for a prospect. Sometimes a prospect can be assigned extra time so that he can fix his deficiencies and eventually earn the 100% up vote of his prospective brothers. To be successful think of the prospectship as a probationary time you get to prove to the MC that you are worthy of becoming a full patched brother of the MC and the newest member of the MC family. It is also important to remember that the prospectship is a two-way journey. This is also the time when the MC proves to you that it is worthy of your loyalty, time and consideration.

If during the prospectship, there is a time that either the MC or the Prospect loses confidence in the other the prospectship can be severed with no hard feelings. What is a prospect? “Prospect”, “Probie”, “Probationary”or “P”all refer to the official position of a person who has been voted in by the full patched brothers to begin his prospectship. No matter what you are called, prospect is the first level of membership any person may attain in a traditional 99% er law abiding MC. The purpose of the prospectship is for the prospect to get to know the MC and for the MC to get to know and trust the prospect as a brother in the MC. Remember Prospects are the MC’s future.

If they are all driven away the MC will die an untimely death. It is in the MC’s best interest to have successful prospecting programs that generate quality members. Prospecting is the act of learning the history, traditions, values and core beliefs of a MC while proving your worthiness for brotherhood through service, patience and humility. The Prospect should view the prospectship as a time of honourable service and should use the time to both evaluate the MC’s culture as well as demonstrate his ability to be a good fit for the MC.

A successful prospect should seek to learn all there is to know about the MC’s daily functions, charitable contributions, member personalities, MC riding style and the MC’s allies and enemies. If a prospect is unclear about any aspect of the MC after the prospectship is over then the Prospect has failed himself and the MC.